Get Full Benefits of a Four Phase Sensor With the Oppo F19S

The Oppo F19S is a mobile phone which has been launched by the Oppo Company. The Oppo F19S has all the important features which have been demanded by the mobile users. It has been upgraded through the company’s ongoing series of mobiles which are the likes of the Oppo Easia and Oppo Metro series. This is the latest handset from the brand that has been launched. The phone offers great facility to its users and all these features have been included in this handset.

The Oppo F19S is priced at Rs 19,990 for the basic version and it comes with vivid and bright colors. The phone has also been introduced to the market by the leading manufacturer Flipkart. The Oppo F19S is powered by an Octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 6000 SoC along with 6GB of ram which supports both the high definition video recording modes. It has a fast-paced camera which has got the ability to capture high resolution and clear images. The other imaging modes include the still-shots, image modes and live view modes.

One of the main attractions of the Oppo F19S is its ability to perform the tasks of an ordinary cell phone with all the facilities of a contemporary one. This handset has been enhanced with a nine-megapixel camera with laser autofocus and image processing technology. The camera has got the ability to scan fingerprints of the present holder. The data saved in the PDA memory is accessible directly. The data can be viewed on the display of the PDA. The OPEF20 USB Type-C hand held biometric scanner is the first of its kind and has the ability to store up to 200 fingerprints.

The Oppo F19S has been equipped with the advanced dual-arm technology that consists of the dual cameras on the front and a secondary camera on the back. A single 16-megapixel main camera and six-megapixel secondary camera are used in this handset. The battery has a capacity of 2 hours. It has an inbuilt smart technology that enables it to synchronize the time and date of birth and gender with the user’s smartphone. It also features a six-megapixel snapshoot camera that is capable of storing up to sixty images.

In the Oppo F19S, there is a total of seven types of memory options namely: Compact Flash, Secure Digital, MMC XN memory, Default, Pro Slot, Card Slot, USB Type-2 port and Front Camera. There is a total of eight camera setups available in this Oppo handset including the primary camera, rear camera, digital zoom, video cam, smoke and water camera, digital time clock and infrared camera. The Oppo F19S can be expanded using the microSD card which supports up to two hundred and fifty songs. Oppo F19S

In terms of the camera setup, the camera on the Oppo F19S has a total resolution of 13 megapixels. The individual image size is approximately twenty-seven megabytes. For enhanced clarity, the front-facing camera has an adjustable Contrast Auto Enhancement. There is a total microphone set up on the rear for hands-free operation. The auto focus, image stabilization, auto flash on the front facing camera of the Oppo F19S are technologies that are unique to the Oppo handset.


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