Viva Mobile Vivo Y33s With Highlight On VOD And Picture Playback

After the launch of the innovative handsets like the Vodafone Y33s, Nokia, Samsung and Motorola, all the major mobile phone players have launched their latest handsets in the market. Some of the popular handsets like the Samsung Galaxy S and the LG Optimus S are selling like hot cakes in the market. However, with the large number of such handsets flooding the market, the competition in the mobile phones industry is heating up. Here, it is all up for the Vivo Y33s that has already carved a niche for itself in the mobile’s industry. vivo y33s

The Vivo Y33s has all the features that are present in the high-end handsets like the HTC Evo Shift and the iPhone 4s. This gadget has got the capacity to accommodate high-resolution cameras and is loaded with the Windows operating system. In the meantime, its biggest strength lies in the fact that it comes with the advanced internal storage that comes in handy in the hard times. It comes with a meager 4.2 inches internal memory but it can still hold large movies and many songs.

The Vivo Y33s is lighter than the iPhone and the Android mobiles. It comes in a neat round white shell with two ear pockets, a decent amount of memory space, a decent amount of storage, a good amount of RAM and a decent amount of camera connectivity. Moreover, the battery life of this smartphone comes in thin when compared to the iPhone and the Android phones. On the other hand, the iPhone has got several hi-end technologies like the i-Tune music player, GPS navigation and MMS. But, the connectivity provided by this smartphone comes across nicely when one goes to the places like streaming live TV on Air Video conferencing.

The battery life of this handset does not last long enough and one needs to buy a new handset after every month. The screen of the video y 33s is bright and crisp and does not give much pressure to the eyes. It has a complete round glass screen and looks very nice and suits the physique of a modern person very well.

The rear camera of the VIVO y 33s does not work well and needs replacing every now and then. The reason being the poor lens which is not sensitive enough and does not capture the real image as desired. To avoid such situations, one should buy video y33s pro camera from where one can fix the problem. One should not buy the Sanyo N series, as it does not have a digital camera and is more of an ordinary point and shoot type camera.

One cannot deny the fact that the price of this handset is high but one should compare the functions and costs of other mobiles before buying it. One should look for the complete package including the Ringtones and other accessories including the VOX and premium subscription to the service. All these services help in making your internet usage more efficient and also help you save a lot of time. There are some other advantages like free email account and free online playing of your favourite music with the help of the inbuilt radio feature.


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